Jeanika Jacobs

I’m Jeanika Jacobs

I am a UX / UI Designer and Web Developer with a passion to bring design and development together to form beautiful but functional web applications.

About Me

I am Jeanika Jacobs. I am a professional web developer, UI – and graphic designer. I am a creative being with a fine eye for detail and a love for the arts. My journey started in 2012 when I had my first taste of graphic design and web development. I studied two years in the field of visual communication after which I completed a Bachelors of Commerce degree in Business Management. During my studies I spent my extra time freelancing as a website developer and graphic designer. In my final year of studies I realised my passion and started my career as a front end software developer and UI / UX designer. I have continued to develop my skills in software development and am currently working as a senior front end developer consultant at Tracker for Dynamic Visual Technologies. I enjoy seeing static designs designed by me or an in-house designer being brought to life. I enjoy trying new things and learning new skills and am not afraid of a challenge. When I am not developing software, designing, or painting, I am a full-time mom and love experiencing new things with my family.

What I Do

Javascript / Typescript Development

I have more than 5 years of experience working with Javascript and Typescript and work mainly with Javascript frameworks such as Angular and Ionic.  I also have experience working with Node.js, MongoDB, and Firebase to name a few.

Wireframing and Prototyping

I start out any UX / UI project with basic hand drawn wireframes.  I then take these wireframes and create low fidelity designs or high fidelity designs depending on project requirements using tools like Mockitt, Framer, inVision or Figma with Mockitt being my tool of choice.

UX / UI Design

I have a strong eye for detail and pixel perfect design.  This has been very beneficial in my UI Development career as I aim to even make the most basic apps I work on look good.  I do not shy away from taking requirements from scratch, creating designs and then implementing them with code.

Graphic Design and Illustration

My early career started with a stronger focus on Graphic Design, however with the emergence of UX and UI design, I shifted my career towards UI design and development.  These skills still come in handy in my everyday work life.